REMA Real Property Management System

1.Single PC standalone envirnment: for SOHO use: The most simplest system configurations.
2.Small Office Share Environment: No dedicated PC for the database. One of the PCs is used as the database engine as well. This configuration is fully tested that overall performance will be reduced a little bit but the reliability is the same. The configuration is good for simple setup.
3.Small Office Dedicated Database Server: One PC is used as the database server. It provides the best system performace. Our System does not require you to have the Win Server installed. It only means that you have 1 dedicated PC for the databse engine.
4.Office with Remote Notebook User: This is for sophiscated users. The remote notebook is use to read the data only while data editing is done at the office. User may need to have some computer knowledge in this configuration in transferring the data.

All above configurations have been intensively tested and proven!
remaProperty System can support more than 50 more concurrent users !
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