Below is only a short list of our key projects.

(A) Key Projects

1. The Integrated Structures Information System (ISIS), Highways Department

It took Highways Department several phases (and years) to develop the final ISIS from scratch.  We are the partner who develops the whole system from scratch.  The System now provides a single common interface for all the technical and professional users in looking up information of structures (ie. bridges, subways, footpath etc.) including designs, record drawings, costs information, GIS information, maintenance orders, and strength computation methods, and other related information.

The (first phase of) ISIS is also one of the resources saving programme in Highways Department to demonstrate how to apply IT to improve operation efficiency.  Response time in locating related information reduces from 2 weeks to seconds, number of support staff reduces from a team of 7 to 1 (shared).

In this Project, we also helped them to develop the approach and methodologies, staff training in collecting and preparing the related information.

2. Gold East Paper (HK) Company Portal

1. Release of company newsletter;
2. Announce company activities and customers can enroll the activities online
3. Release product information
4. E-Alert System: sending out company newsletter, product information, activities information etc. to customers
5. Online reporting of customer’s feedback, complaint and damage report

St Jude Medical Patient Database System

The SJM PDS is to manage and monitor all patients’ implant information. Users may check the implant details, generate reports and print patient implant card. Implant information is grouped by type of devices and implant history can be easily managed.

Being a successful implementation, the System is rolled out to other countries.

3. St Jude Medical BEACON View System

It is a regional system which distributes, manages, monitors and controls SJM staff in enrolling training courses in the Asia region. Users in different countries/cities can browse for training information and enroll for the courses. System also provides control for meal arrangement, seat reservations.

4. St Jude Medial Case Entry System

It is a regional system which helps marketing and sales staff in market analysis.

5. St Jude Medical Technical Service System

It is a regional system to keep track of equipment service history.

6. Data Center Monitoring System, University of Hong Kong

We develop, implement and maintain the Data Center Monitoring System, University of Hong Kong.
The System is targeted to monitor and manage the environmental condition of the Data Centers of the university. Over 200 locations and 5 data centers are being monitored.

If one of the environmental parameters fall into Alert or Warning zone, email alert are sent to pre-defined recipients.

The project is part of the Millennium Campus project which is the flagship project of the University in celebrating its 100 years birthday.

7. Hong Kong Qualifications Framework, Education Bureau

We provide system support, maintenance of the HKQF Framework Portal ( since 2006. The system is built on ASP, IIS and Microsoft technologies and we are also developing a Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) downloading add on module such that EDB officer can maintain the SCS with version control, release control and also let public users to download the most updated SCS.

(B) Opencart and Magneto eCommerce Customization and Development

We have implemented a lot of Opencard eCommerce projects. Our services and implementation include:
1. Eyewear Virtual Try On
2. Writing new modules/extension for blog
3. Adding new sales order history functions for administration
4. Group and bundle products (eg. PC configurations)